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ADHD Holistic Health Care

I help small business owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling to hold it all together master their ADHD symptoms naturally so that they feel less overwhelmed at work, home, and play.




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New Client Package

  • A comprehensive 1 hour virtual health consultation  + 2 follow-up visits.

  • Custom protocol sheet 

  • Optional food, mood, and lifestyle trackers within your client portal 

  • 14-day custom ADHD friendly meal plan created based on your personal nutritional needs and dietary requirements.

  • Evidence based and educational resources pertaining to your ADHD symptoms and goals if applicable. 

  • Email and chat support is available in between sessions.


How It Works

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Step 1
Click below and find a time that works for you in my schedule 

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Step 2
Pay by credit card or choose a payment plan to book the first package session

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Step 3
You will be sent access to the client portal within 24 hours. Be on the lookout!

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Step 4
Complete the forms inside your client portal at least 48 hours before our session

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Step 5
We will virtually meet 3 times to put together a holistic ADHD wellness plan

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Step 6
Follow-up visits will be available once your initial 3 sessions are complete


Why work with me?

I am a clinical herbalist, aromatherapist, nutritionist, and wellness coach. I also have ADHD. I know the unique challenges small business owners and entrepreneurs with ADHD face daily while trying to juggle business and life. I was diagnosed with ADHD over 25 years ago when I was as a pediatric nurse.
Although I have lived my life with a well equipped toolbox  for managing my ADHD symptoms, it wasn't until I implement a well-rounded, well-researched protocol based on my individual needs with proper herbs, nutrition, essential oils, and accountability support that I felt I truly had a handle on things.
I have spent 25 years struggling to balance my ADHD symptoms and run my business,  you don't have to!

Session Details

Our initial consultation will be an extensive 1-hour Telehealth session to thoroughly discuss your intake forms, further investigate your health, and set the first steps for your ADHD wellness protocol. Our follow-up sessions will be used for progress reviews, wellness or business coaching, protocol and herbal remedy adjustments, additional nutritional counseling, or any other way you would like holistic ADHD support during your session. 

Initial Consultation
1 Hour
Scheduled Now

1st Follow-Up
45 Mins
1 Month After Starting Protocol

2nd Follow-Up
45 Mins
3 Months After Starting Protocol


Client Success Stories


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“Niki was right! Balancing my nutrients, utilizing essential oils, and putting baby steps in place for a healthy lifestyle have made tremendous difference in my ADHD irritability and fatigue”
— Jennifer,  Grant Writer

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“I first came to Botanical Health Clinic for herbal and supplement advice because of my ADHD symptoms and bloodwork results. I now utilize Niki's business wisdom and management skills”
— Lea, Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know I can stick to the plan?

A: After 25+ years of living with ADHD and learning how to manage my symptoms while starting-up, managing, and owning successful businesses along the way,  I understand the unique requirements and challenges that come with having a Neurodivergent Brain. I will use my combined experience of living with ADHD plus my formal training in herbs, aromatherapy, nutrition, and wellness coaching to develop a personalize 3-visit introduction process that will motivate you to stick to your new & effective ADHD protocols.  

Q: Are products included in the price?

A: No. Any prices that are listed are for your actual sessions. You are free to purchases your herbal and supplement suggestions from your favorite vendor or I can have them ordered for you from a reputable organic herbal pharmacy or apothecary. PLEASE just make you are purchasing high-quality pure products from a reliable source. Triple check the ingredients to make sure there are no additives or dyes.

Q: Can I work with you beyond the initial three months?

A: YES! During your 3rd visit of your initial package we will discuss the next steps in your ADHD wellness journey including follow-up visits if needed. I am here to support you and help you thrive as long as you need me! 

Q: Can you help me lose weight?

A: I am a Healthy At Every Size (HAES) Practitioner. I help you set nutrition goals based on your health, results of your lab work, and the needs of your symptoms. If you have a goal to lose weight, we can definitely address that and talk about ways for you to feel more comfortable with your weight. My goal as a holistic practitioner and nutritionist is to show you how to eat healthy and balance your nutrients for your individual needs, many of my clients realize that also results in looking and feeling their best. 

Q: What if I don’t have ADHD can I still work with you?

A: Absolutely! I would love to support anyone looking to incorporate holistic healing through clinical herbs, nutrition, and aromatherapy. Feel free to book your appointment and let's get started on your wellness journey.

Q: How much do follow-up visits cost?

A: Follow-up visits are $75 each. A package of 3 follow-up visits can be purchased here for a discounted price.

Q: Do you offer payment plans or sliding scale fees?

A: I do offer 0% interest payment plans, the details for these can be found at checkout. I currently do not offer a sliding scale for clinic visits but I do have a Free Clinic. The Free Clinic is currently booked up, but details on how to join the waiting list will be posted soon. Make sure to check back within the next few weeks. 

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